Do you wish you voted for Mitt Romney?

Posted by Ralph Schwartz on November 27, 2013 

Barack Obama did well in Whatcom County in 2012, getting almost 55.5 percent of the vote while Mitt Romney got less than 41.5 percent. (Much of the remainder was taken by the Libertarian and Green tickets).

Obama has fallen into a funk in 2013, with the IRS/nonprofit scandal, Benghazi, the NSA, and of course the messy Obamacare roll-out.

Presidents fortunate enough to win a second term are often unfortunate in that they don't fare as well in their final four years as they did in their first four. A few political observers are drawing what on the surface might seem an odd parallel between Obama and George W. Bush's second terms. Late in their second term's first years, both had the same low approval rating. Bush's happened to keep declining throughout term 2.

Other pundits are looking ahead and asking if Obama's decline will pay off for the GOP in 2014. 

Reid Wilson on the above-linked Washington Post blog suggests, "Voter dislike of ObamaCare cost Democrats the House in 2010. It could cost them the Senate in 2014."

A sketch on a recent episode of Saturday Night Live suggested things could be worse, at least from the perspective of a certain demographic. The nation could have elected Mitt Romney.

Before Republican readers assume this is yet another bashing at their expense by liberal SNL writers, right-wing outlets saw the sketch as withering satire against the president and his blind followers.

I found the sketch funny, and I post it here for entertainment purposes only. It's Thanksgiving, so everybody relax and enjoy.



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