Your Travel: Kulshan Chorus members thrilled by Costa Rica


Kulshan Chorus members used elevated walkways when they explored Costa Rica's Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.


Heidi Alford, who lives near Lake Samish, has long been a supporter of Kulshan Chorus, a Bellingham ensemble that performs music from around the world and has toured Ecuador, France and Switzerland, sharing music with host choirs and local musicians.

In June and July 2013, Heidi accompanied about 70 chorus members and some members' friends and spouses to Costa Rica to help organize things along the way and to videotape and photograph the trip.

Heidi says she had long wanted to visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica, so when Kulshan Chorus partnered with Experience International to take a tour, she joined.

"The people were so welcoming, from a coffee farmers' cooperative, Cafe Diri, to an invitation to witness an indigenous community's ceremony in Matambu," she says. "The magic of being in the rain forest was incredible. Walking on a bridge above the canopy took my breath away.

"Being high up in the mountains, looking down into volcanoes and exploring the coastline while encountering animals I'd never seen, this country offers unique experiences," Heidi says. "As they say in Costa Rica, 'pura vida,' 'It's all good.'"

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