Says current Costco best growth site


I have been reading with keen interest The Herald's recent articles on the quadrupling of Canadian shoppers here, Blaine's desire to stimulate its commerce and, most recently, several Facebook comments on the proposed location for the new Costco.

Former city planners and engineers unfortunately had neither the wisdom nor foresight to predict Bellingham's growth and especially the invasion of current Canadian shoppers. We do not even remotely have the infrastructure to accommodate either this growth or these shoppers. Building this new Costco at the Bakerview site I believe would very simply exacerbate our traffic congestion. It is extremely unlikely the city and/or county bureaucrats can devise a plan to mitigate this potential traffic disaster.

As three of the Facebook writers suggested, Costco should build a new store in or around Blaine. At the same, Costco should expand the current location, something our city I believe stupidly refused to allow them to do four or five years ago, and long before this surge in Canadian shoppers. If these two proposals were to take place, Costco's sale of milk here will likely diminish considerably and the city will lose some sales tax revenue. However the current store will once again be a pleasant, far less crowed place to shop and traffic around Bakerview and Guide Meridian would not be gridlocked as it so often is now.

Dennis Bainbridge


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