Says health law improving care


Responding to my questions about Obamacare, a health care analyst whom I met recently said that, "thresholds are already higher causing improvements in our health care." She explained that her comments are based on a program that is rocking our hospitals -- the way they do billing, how they are compensated and the care given to patients. This program is called value-based purchasing that was part of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and implemented in 2012. A large part of hospitals' budgets rely on payments from federal-run Medicare and Medicaid. The program rewards hospitals for providing high-quality care based on quality of care - not on volume of services provided. This is also based on achievement and improvement. Anyone wanting more information can check out "Value Based Purchasing" at It is just one revolutionary program our federal government is using to improve our health care. We need to be aware of these exciting changes. We should expect great strides forward in our hospital care and hopefully, in our costs, which are expected to stabilize. Here's a quote from my new acquaintance: "The federal government has a reputation for being slow, but here it is moving fast and at the forefront with 'best practices.'"

Naomi Murphy


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