Suggests 'time out' for health care law


It is about time all of the lies, false rhetoric, and politically motivated apologies out of Washington concerning Obamacare stop. You would think that prior to trying to explain the law, much less voting for or signing it, President Obama and Congress would have read it. I always read what I sign.

The only people being significantly impacted by the cost of Obamacare are those who did the right thing and paid for individual insurance. The group consists primarily of small business owners, the self employed and those who retired prior to being eligible for Medicare. As individuals, the most cost-effective approach to obtaining insurance was to only purchase what you needed versus group plans that cater to a diverse employee base. This right was taken away from us under Obamacare and hence the 50 percent to 100 percent increase in premiums for some. I still don't understand why I as a 59-year-old male with an individual policy need to carry maternity and pediatric coverage.

Medical insurance premiums will be my second-largest annual expense, second only to income tax. Once again the middle class is paying the bill. It is time the Democrats and President Obama admit what I believe to be their mistakes and take a "time out" for a year to sort out this mess and revise the law as appropriate versus trying to implement something I believe the majority of the public never wanted in the first place. Now that would be a real apology.

John Nelson


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