Worries arbitration takes away rights


We believe in the Constitution of the USA; and, being a U.S. Air Force Veteran, I've sworn to defend it.

Our Bill of Rights is the first ten Constitutional Amendments. Those civil rights define who we are. The 6th Amendment gives us our right to a jury trial. Juries give the people power and law-making authority as part of a balance of power in our American legal system.

Obamacare has a hidden legal twist which I believe voids every American's 6th Amendment right. Every Obamacare policy has an arbitration clause which removes the right to jury trial and forces all to agree to binding legal arbitration.

Since Obamacare is mandated, required, forced by law I believe it is absolutely unconstitutional; because, it is absolutely illegal for the government to mandate forced repeal of the 6th Amendment of the Bill of Rights by taking away this critical American civil right to a jury trial regarding our very health and life!

Demand that federal, state and local governments defend our civil rights of the Bill of Rights; and, impeach as soon as possible or vote those out of office in the next election who try and take them away.

Jonathan A. Kemp


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