Says health care should be repealed


I believe the White House knew three years ago people would lose their health care insurance. I believe they misled people to try to build support for Obamacare.

Now everyone is spinning that Barack Obama is apologizing for people losing their health care. Not true, I believe, he is apologizing for people believing they would not lose healthcare insurance based on his statements. I believe Barack Obama is apologizing for misleading people. He is most certainly not apologizing for people actually losing their healthcare. That's a pretty big difference.

People are going to believe what they believe until reality catches up with them in a most unpleasant way. Well we are there with Obamacare. As the Reverend Wright said in one of his sermon's attended by Barack Obama -- "the chickens have come home to roost."

Obamacare is held together with legislative and regulatory duct tape. I believe the only way to fix it is to repeal it and start over. That's it. Obamacare cannot be fixed. Its damage cannot be mitigated. It can only be repealed. The GOP's strategy should be to stick a repeal provision on every piece of legislation from now until at least November 2014 - and watch red state Democrats in the House and Senate sweat.

Wayne Farber


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