Unhappy with health care act


After 37 years in the insurance industry, it was apparent to me, the devil was in the details. I believe the Iraq war was always the Republican/Bush's "burden to bear" and yet, few remember that both parties supported the action. With the promise of hope, change, transparency, the Affordable Care Act was born in closed session and not a single Republican voted for it. The now-famous Pelosi statement "Let's pass it and then see what's in it!" has come to haunt all Democrats. Few ask who was the little boy standing next to Pres Obama at the signing on March 10, 2010? The Seattle Times did a story on Arnold's mother, uninsured yet declined treatment when offered. Next, Washington State has accepted federal funds, most of these will finance Medicaid, a program the president said in 2009 was broken, incidentally, the funds dry up in 2016 for the State of Washington -- what then? Today, the president said "Insurance cos--you need to continue the current policies!" This cannot be done with a simple executive order -- insurance, in particular, health insurance is highly regulated by the state -- the president is once again, way over his pay grade. The health care act has created serious problems and where were our two senators Murray and Cantwell? Standing right beside the president.

Carl M. Angell


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