Says united people can create change


After a series of imperial wars, a financial breakdown, rioting in Arabia and in Bellingham we are ready for new foreign and domestic policies. "Why do they hate us?" was the mantra of our oil wars. "Get a job" was sometimes the response to poor Americans standing at the freeway exits with a sign "Please help." We the people must unite to create real changes.

I believe the old parties have focused on enriching the military-corporate-financial complex that supports them. Ordinary citizens who serve in the military and work to supply needed goods and services have become the 99 percent who want world peace, health care, pure air to breathe, uncontaminated food to eat and good education for our children. Can a free people govern themselves? Why not?

The recent election has brought some new women and men into office. We must help them understand what we need and want from our government at all levels.

Dick Smith


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