Thanks machinists for rejecting contract


It is time to thank the International Association of Machinists No. 751 for their no vote. It is time to think about what our Legislature nearly did - gave $9.2 billion of our tax dollars to Boeing.

Thank a machinist because that is the money that would take Meals on Wheels from your Grandma's neighborhood; it is the money that would not have been spent to fix the death trap curve in your rural road. That was a $9 billion bill that would never reduce your child's classroom size, put a resource assistant in your library, and would have been given to Boeing instead of being returned to your city or county for more law enforcement as your town grows.

If you read the stories in the paper, it sounds like if we give all of our taxes to Boeing, those darn planes will just pop out the doors of the factory - no workforce needed. (Yeah, that didn't work in South Carolina either, where every plane has been sent to our Washington machinists for repair before it can fly.)

Every time I see a machinist wearing a shirt, jacket or cap with the logo, I am going to say thank you. Thank you from the 99 percent. Thank you for standing up for all of us who should be able to work hard and earn a good wage.

The times aren't different than they were 30 years ago. Corporations, like Boeing, are now used to being greedy, and still think we won't notice.

Thank you machinists. We noticed.

Lori Province


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