"Dynamite" at Ferndale recycling center was likely Halloween prop (updated)


FERNDALE - A bomb squad cordoned off a Ferndale recycling center for hours Monday afternoon, Nov. 18, to examine what looked like dynamite dumped in a drop-off area, according to police.

Officers were called around 1:40 p.m. to Recomp of Washington Inc., 1524 Slater Road, for a suspicious piece of garbage resembling six sticks of dynamite wired together, said Ferndale Police Lt. Matt Huffman. It wasn't clear how long it had been there.

Bellingham police sent up a robot equipped with a camera to investigate. Meanwhile, the recycling center shut down and a neighboring business sent workers home early.

After more than three hours - much of that time spent sifting through nearby garbage, carefully, to keep from setting off any sensitive explosives - Huffman said it may have been a false alarm after all.

"At first it looked like it really could be something," Huffman said. "But it might've just been part of somebody's Halloween costume."

Once they were able to closely examine the "dynamite," it turned out to be paper towel tubes covered with red construction paper, bound with electric tape, Huffman said. Given the time of year, it probably was part of a costume.

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