Rave: Friend cared for man's Pomeranian

November 18, 2013 

For 13 years my world revolved around my best friend, my devoted Pomeranian Cubby. Quite a few years ago I was forced to move to a nursing home where dogs weren't allowed, so I needed a friend to take him. With rehab and improved health I was able to move to assisted living where I could bring Cubby, and I was so happy. A year later situations changed and I was told Cubby had to go. I was devastated, who on earth would take my 13-year-old Pom?

Lisa consoled me that day and after hearing my dilemma she asked if she could take Cubby to give to her girls for Christmas. Lisa, her husband, and her daughters gave my boy a wonderful home, lots of love, and room to run for three great years. When that awful, inevitable day came, Cubby was mercifully put to sleep.

When Lisa gave me the news, she knew how hard I would take it. With all the compassion anyone could wish for, she asked if after he was cremated, would I like to have him? I was moved beyond words and through my tears I nodded yes. I have been in another nursing home for almost three years where pets are not allowed, until today when my Cubby came to stay, thanks to a special lady and her family! It is with tears and the utmost appreciation that I acknowledge this very deserving lady.

Chris Roach of Bellingham via Letters to the Editor

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