Rave: Boulevard Park a wonderful asset

November 18, 2013 

I would like to commend the city on the remodel of Boulevard Park. It is truly a wonderful city park that is enjoyed by many from 5 a.m. in the morning until it closes. There are walkers, runners, folks with pets, kids on bikes, Moms with strollers and on it goes.

The most wonderful part of looking at the park from my vantage point is to see the kids and families playing on the beach and building sand castles. The new play area is well-used. This park is truly a wonderful gift to the folks of Bellingham.

The leaves are falling off the trees now, during the summer the leaves are so thick that the view of the park is obscured, so it is a nice time to view the park from the bridge or on the hill. I have a panorama picture of the park taken about 10 years ago and the growth of the trees and the change of the park is most dramatic. I can remember years ago when public opinion thought that the park space was too small to be useful. I am so glad that the naysayers lost on that one! Enjoy the park!

Barbara Snow of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor

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