Suggests labor for infrastructure


Last week I had the opportuniity to listen to a great talk on the Civilian Conservation Corps that put men to work on well-needed projects around the nation starting in 1933. These included sidewalks, community centers, park buildings, trails and bridges. Many of these can be seen today and are a wonder of artistic beauty and craftsmanship showing how the army, forest and park service can work together to create jobs when they were needed. There happens to be projects in Whatcom County that could help create jobs and at the same time save tax payers millions of dollars. For example, there is talk of spending $100 million on a new jail. Why not train and help the men in the jail system build it themselves? Of course they would have to have discipline, be challenged, learn to work together and have respect for each other and be well fed. So let's say they can save $50 million and build a strucure that those who will live there can be proud of and gain valuable experience in the process. Wouldn't it be worth it? There are transportation, parks and tourist areas in need of work, most all of which can be served by those people living on the street, in reform situations, apprentices and those who would otherwise be supported by the government in another way. I am proud of what the CCC had accomplished and would think that men given such work could be too.

Rich Berry


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