Thank residents for park levy support


We want to thank Blaine and Birch Bay residents for their overwhelming support of the Northwest Parks and Recreation District No. 2 levy. There will be a huge return on our investment in the next 4 years as the district continues to offer a myriad of experiences, activities and new programs for our community. Communities that value parks and recreation are investing in the future by creating opportunities for experiencing purpose, pleasure, health and well being. They enhance the desirability of an area as well as contributing to the health and safety of its residents. The benefits are endless.

Congratulations and thank you to the newly elected commissioners Katy Montfort and Sheli Moore. They join commissioners Richard Sturgill, Doug Robertson and Jeff Carrington who have spent our tax dollars wisely and given great leadership. A special thank you to commission chair Ted Morris who is stepping down after six years of dedicated service. And of course a huge pat on the back to the hardworking 2013 parks levy team!

Doralee Booth and Kathy Berg


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