COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: Readers discuss site of new Costco


Facebook comments about a Nov. 12 news story headlined "Whatcom council has doubts over stormwater project for new Bellingham Costco" by Bellingham Herald reporter Ralph Schwartz:

Craig Thomas:

"It's a ridiculous place to cram more drivers into.

"On the other hand, in our 'growth-managed' state, is there anyplace else within our so-called 'urban boundary'?

"Time for some sprawl folks."

Ron Reimer:

"Sorry, Bellingham's desire to keep Costco is at odds with Bellingham's infrastructure planning. Costco should go to Ferndale."

Erik Golubjatnikov:

"It should be built in Blaine ... it's a store for Candians.

"Better yet put it at Birch Bay/Lynden Road with the failing discount stores. Those store will now succeed after what, six owners? Infrastructure is there, exit is there, get those white license plates out of Bellingham!"

Michael Patrick:

"Playing political football on this important issue is despicable. The monies previously unanimously approved weren't tied to any other issues.

"Crawford is relishing his role as the lead obstructionist here and needs to be the next conservative council member to be fired."

Misty Sparks-Lopez:

"How about building in Blaine to help with Bellingham traffic?"

Vince Atchison:

"Costco bet the mayor over on traffic impact fees, and now wants a second run at her over storm water. Is she going to give them water and sewer subsidies too? I know, let's buy the land and grant it to Costco, I mean, why not!"

Caroline C. Chamblin:

"It should not be at that site. Slater is better. It is asinine to congest that Bakerview area even more."

Todd Gregory:

"Bellingham streets, roads and interstate access points are a total cluster. It's obvious Bellingham is a 'no growth' motto. And where growth does occur is in hidden pockets on dead-end streets. Barkley Village is just that. A village. Cordata, you need GPS to get out of that dead-end 'hood. How about infrastructure planning based on 20 years in the future instead of Band-aid's on 1950s engineering?"

Sue Fawver Gonzalez:

"I really like the idea of moving it to Slater Road. There is so much more room for road improvements to mitigate the traffic problems."

Tasha LeMay:

"Maybe they should have listened to the citizens. We all knew it would be a cluster of disaster for traffic."

Bev Miller:

"Put it down Pacific Highway farther. Use the Slater Road exit. God knows it could use a light anyway."

Sonya Castellanos:

"Keep the one on Meridian and build another in Blaine for the Canadians to go to!"

Jill Feenstra:

"The Bakerview site is such an obviously bad idea, apparent to anyone who actually lives here. I think putting it in Blaine would be a better idea, Blaine could use the tourism dollars and have the open space for such a huge development, and is less of a drive for Canadians. Please don't consider Slater, because A. it's by my house and B. there are beautiful tidelands that are home to a lot of bald eagles and hawks, etc. and there would be too much pollution right next to the river."

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