Wants hospital to be taxed by city


The claim in the Nov. 12 Bellingham Herald that PeaceHealth is a charity and should not be taxed, requires a rebuttal. While PeaceHealth does provide charitable work as the law requires of all hospitals, whether for-profit institutions or not, they are a business entity that bills and accepts money from individuals, insurance companies, state (Medicaid) and federal governments (Medicare). If they are a charity, then why do we owe them $300 for a recent office visit? If a charity, why is the Catholic Church not paying that bill for us? As a business, they use and rely on local city and county services; if they do not pay for those services, then citizens will have to pay. Forcing me to pay more in tax so PeaceHealth can pay less than their fair share I believe amounts to my subsidizing their religious beliefs which I believe is unconstitutional. In my view, if they accept state and federal money, not only should PeaceHealth pay local taxes they should be required to provide all legal health care services such as contraception and abortion.

Michael Tomlinson


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