COMMUNITY CONVERSATION: Readers discuss county election result


Facebook comments about a Nov. 10 news story headlined "Money, 'ground game' factors in progressive sweep of Whatcom council" by Bellingham Herald reporter Ralph Schwartz:

Walter Haugen:

"The real story is still the coal terminal. This vote was a de facto referendum on ruining the environment so a handful of people can have a decent job and a still smaller handful of people can make obscene fortunes. It is not just me who says so either. This election issue went viral locally, nationally and internationally. Face facts."

Michael Patrick

"Most of us know this council won't be the deciders in the coal terminal issue. The real referendum was on the Tea Party and it's local affiliates."

Ron Reimer:

"An amazing time it is, I have a question -- having read Orwells '1984' and remember the Democrats accusing Reagan of being such. When we look at progressives and their desire to cram man into highly cramped living or libertarian/conservatives position of letting individuals and the marketplace guide our choices. The question is, which belief looks like the world described in 1984?

"... I just can't reconcile your conservative lifestyles and personal choices with your willingness to turn over so many freedoms that will not be decided by law but by a bureaucrat's personal opinion. All I can think is far too many Americans are not engaged in building anything. They are blind to the weight -- its like swimming in mud."

Nick Guilford:

"Don't hire a person who hates building to build your house, it won't turn out well. Don't hire people who hate government to govern your community -- it turns out equally poorly. I am a farmer/business owner, and can relate to many republican tenets, but when it comes down to it we need a government that can function and the dems are working on solutions rather than spending all their time trying to prove that government can't function."

Terry Wechsler

"Hyperbole aside, the Dems won the old-fashioned way, with a slate of candidates the majority of voters in the county preferred to the Tea Party and could actually vote for, and by getting out the vote. I encourage Republicans (from elsewhere) to try it. It would be refreshing to have some in Congress again."

Konrad Gail Lau:

"Out-of-state money could in no way have had an influence in the 'Progressive Sweep"? The only time out of state money has a negative influence is when conservatives use it to win elections, right?

"One would be led to believe it was only a higher purpose, better messaging and moral imperatives that brought about this victory.

"Sadly, Whatcom County will pay the price for coming decades in lost jobs, opportunities for growth and higher taxes.

"Meanwhile, those who financed this result ($200 per liberal vote) will remain unaffected because they don't live here.

"At least we see the power of the dollar is not lost on some leftists."

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