Unhappy with county district rules


I believe it is a sad testament to the state of democracy in Whatcom County when two of the three individuals elected to represent specific districts on the County Council lost the popular vote in the district they are meant to represent. While losing their own district, votes from other districts were able to propel these individuals to victory. The idea that someone living in District 1 should vote on who represents District 3 is utterly undemocratic; it allows the viewpoints of a more populous or ideologically pure district to silence the voices and remove legitimate representation of other districts. How can Ken Mann claim to represent the interests of District 2 when his opponent, Ben Elenbaas won 58 percent of the district vote? How does Carl Weimer represent the people of District 3 when Michelle Luke won 52 percent? There can be no defense for this abridgement of fair representation. When District 1 decides the election for Districts 2 and 3, the winners need not a ccurately represent the interests of their own districts, but only the interests of District 1.

Matt K. Buys


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