Alternate idea for GMO labels


In reply to a Nov. 9 letter headlined "Unhappy food won't be labeled for GMOs," I would make the following proposal: Rather than require food products to have genetically modified organism labels, why not allow them to have non-GMO labels? This changes the whole perspective. No one is forced or required to do anything. Farmers can grow whatever they choose. Processors can proudly label non-GMO products as they wish. Grocery stores can choose to display non-GMO labeled products at eye level and place non-labeled food at ankle level on the shelves. Anyone can purchase non-GMO products, or they can search for possibly lower cost items produced from less labor-intensive, high-yield, pest-resistant crops that require less irrigation/fertilizer.

In addition to all the freedom of choice the above proposal allows, there is no need for government assistance/interference. No need for additional bureaucracy to regulate imports from other states. Everyone is fully informed as to the use of GMOs because the label provided will clearly state that the product does not contain them.

This seems to me to be a simpler, more straight-forward process.

Norm Pickles


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