Fears results of Whatcom election


It has finally happened, the progressives, (liberals, Democrats) have finally gained control of Whatcom County. I believe the conservatives, (Republicans, Tea Party) cannot even figure out how to join together to win an election, much less any idea that they represent.

I believe this brings a community without common sense, government based on "if it feels good and enough people want to do it we will pass a law to make it legal." Full speed ahead on condemnation of Christianity, prayer, the Constitution and historically accepted social moral values.

I hope that everyone will mark this day by locating and printing a copy of the Census statistics for Whatcom County. Then in one year compare the two.

Take note of your quality of living, taxes, health care costs and general well being. List your values and your goals and in 2014 see where you are.

I predict an alarming failure, and a real awakening.

Then when you go to vote in any election forget about parties, vote common sense.

Gordon Belka


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