Democrats dream of reconquest in 42nd District--but who would carry the flag?

Posted by JOHN STARK on November 11, 2013 

Amid the euphoria that followed their sweep of Whatcom County Council races in last week's general election, many Democratic political activists were already looking ahead to the 2014 state election and dreaming about retaking 42nd District House and Senate seats.

The victory of the Democrat-backed County Council slate appears to have everything to do with a well-organized push to get out the vote in liberal-leaning Bellingham, rather than any kind of liberal revival outside the city limits. Most of Bellingham is in the 40th District, and those voters won't get a chance to sit in judgment on Reps. Vincent Buys and Jason Overstret, or State Sen. Doug Ericksen, the Republicans who now represent the 42nd in Olympia.

But you don't have to be as old as I am to remember 42nd District Democrats in the Legislature, which was traditionally a swing district until recent boundary tweaks made it significantly safer for the GOP.

Do Democrats have a realistic chance of recapturing any seats in the 42nd? If so, who do you think could eke out a win there as a Democrat? Explain your answer. Thank you.

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