Defends insurance company coverage


I'm offended the Obama administration blames the cancellation of people's medical policies on insurance companies, and by the uninformed criticism by Thomas Gilmore of insurance companies. I worked 30 years in insurance, writing policy text, developing rates with actuaries, explaining to lobbyists why parts of proposed laws were good or bad. I assure readers that insurance companies do not "game the system with fine print, tricks, confusing pricing." We tried to provide broader coverage at lower cost than competitors. State insurance departments examine policy text for compliance with state laws, and rates for adequacy but not excessiveness. Insurers aim for broader insurance and lower rates than competitors. Otherwise they lose customers and profit. The cancellation of existing policies is certainly due to their noncompliance with Obamacare laws which are very different loss exposures, i.e., current rates did not include a premium charge for providing immediate insurance to new customers who are already ill. Insurance companies are prevented by every state's laws from selling a policy that the insurer or state believes will be a financial loss to the insurance company.

Sheryl Tregellas


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