Offers thanks for veterans


Thanking a veteran seems like a minimal task for some and for others it is in-depth and carries a seriousness of significance.

The veterans I know and love are sons, daughters, grandparents, uncles, cousins, co-workers and friends. They are people who have become my life-long family while stationed near my home or abroad. They have become my son's extended family and I know they will always be there for my sons.

The veterans that I love are humble with their achievements and duties and quiet in their thoughts and words. They are selfless in their actions.

They leave families for long periods at a time. They cry and they hurt.

Some have returned home, and some have not.

They do not brag of where they have been or what importance they held in a specific war. They speak highly of their brothers and those they served with. They smile as their loved ones show photos and speak proudly of their service. I know they served for us.

Veterans are poised and have a purpose.

A veteran's purpose is to protect what they are passionate about. Their passion includes serving "one nation under God," giving their time to protect the values of the United States and mostly to do a job that will keep them and their families safe and free.

It is a brotherhood like none other, and one we should all be thankful for.

Brenda Rader


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