Sehome neighbors thankful for police


The Sehome Neighborhood Board has been dealing with fallout from the recent "riot" at Laurel Park. After three meetings with police, the city and the university community to gather the facts of the case we want to express our gratitude to the police department for its measured and effective response to a situation that could have been much uglier. We appreciate them for "keeping their heads," even as their police cars were being attacked and windshields broken, and with their limited manpower in the face of an unruly crowd that refused to disperse when directed to do so. They tried for an hour to persuade the crowd to disperse, and when they had sufficient back-up they acted in a decisive and non-violent manner to bring the incident to a close. We are acutely aware that the police department's level headed response kept a bad situation from becoming much worse, and we want to say thanks.

Jean Hamilton


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