Patriotic parents proud of son in the Army


Veterans Day

Baker Stockmar


My husband, Chris Stockmar, and I are both veterans of the U.S. Army. We were stationed in Darmstadt, Germany, during the Persian Gulf War.

Our three years in Germany as an infantryman (Chris) and Russian linguist (myself) took us on various field missions throughout Europe.

Upon discharge, we returned to Bellingham to start our lives as civilians. We have three boys who have heard our Army stories, attended numerous Veterans Day events and worn our old uniforms with pride.

Our oldest son, Baker, a 2013 graduate of Squalicum High School, joined the U.S. Army this summer. My son Brecken (12 years old) and I attended Baker's basic combat training at Fort Jackson, S.C., Oct. 18.

The pride these young soldiers exhibited was overwhelmingly refreshing. Being in the stands, watching all of these young men and women completing the arduous task of dedicating their lives as American soldiers, filled me with an immense sense of hope in our nation. When the commanding officer asked all veterans in the bleachers to stand to be recognized, I proudly stood with honor.

For all those nights sleeping in the cold and snow, the hours of guard duty and KP, for all of those times we were pushed beyond our limits, and in spite of all the holidays and family events that were missed during our time in service, we are grateful for what the Army taught us. We are patriotic citizens who love our country, but most of all we are proud parents of a young man who has chosen to dedicate the next six years of his life in honorable service to this great nation.

- Becky Stockmar, Bellingham


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