Unhappy food won't be labeled for GMOs


This response pertains to the Whatcom County farmers debate state genetically modified organism labeling initiative article by Kie Relyea that was published on Oct. 27.

They say ignorance is bliss. I believe we are currently in a state of bliss concerning GMOs being in our food products. If Initiative 522 had passed in Whatcom County, farmers and food processors would have to put the GMO contents on the food labels, thus opening our eyes to all of the genetically modified organisms we consume every day in the foods we eat.

My question is what is the difference between having food labels say that the product contains genetically modified organisms and the labels saying how many calories, sugars or fats is in the product there are? I think consumers have a right to know what is in the foods they are purchasing and ingesting.

Plus adding a couple of words to the labels that farmers and food processors already have to purchase describing what, if any, GMOs are contained in the food product wouldn't be detrimental to their bank accounts.

In my opinion, the idea of Washington being at a disadvantage is easy to overcome. The state government could just make it so that other states that want to import their goods into our state, they need to have the GMO labeling on them.

Overall I think Initiative 522 would have been greatly beneficial to the people of Whatcom County and Washington State.

Shelby Carr


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