Squalicum, Sehome have strong prelims at 2A girls' swimming meet


Sehome's Gwen Roley did as she has done all season for Mariners' girls swimming team, having the top time in prelims in the 200 freestyle and 100 backstroke individual events, and helping guide Sehome to top times in the 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle relays at the Class 2A Northwest District preliminaries on Friday, Nov. 8, at Fidalgo Pool.

"Gwen Roley really had a heck of a meet," Sehome coach Don Helling said in a phone interview. "She's looking strong, and I have every reason to believe she can swim faster at state."

The finals of the district meet will be at 2:15 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 9, at Fidalgo Pool.

Squalicum's Josephine Hegeberg also had a strong meet for the undefeated Storm, swimming the fastest time in the 100 breaststroke prelims and helping Squalicum swim the fastest time in the 200 medley relay. She also finished with the second-fastest time in the 200 individual medley, and guided the Storm to the third-fastest finish in the 400 freestyle relay.

"Hegeberg looked outstanding in her events," Helling said. "Their top groups just really looked strong. They held back a little in the relays, so they will come back tomorrow and be faster."

Squalicum freshman Sydney Wong recorded the fastest time in prelims in the 100 freestyle and third-fastest finish in the 200 freestyle. Maddie Dohm picked up the top spot in the 50 freestyle prelims for the Storm while also swimming a leg in the 200 medley relay team that qualified for the finals with the fastest swim.

Bellingham's Maddie Gillman recorded the fastest time in the 500 freestyle, and finished just .83 seconds behind Roley for the fastest time in the 200 freestyle. She also helped the Red Raiders secure a fourth-place time in the 200 freestyle relay.

"The 200 free is going to be a wild one," said Helling, pointing to the head-to-head matchup between Roley and Gillman.

While Squalicum is the favorite to take the team title heading into the final day, Sehome's performance Friday keeps it in good position to knock off the Storm.

"Squalicum is still the team to beat," Helling said, "but we are definitely in a position to challenge. ... We had great swims from top to bottom."

Arlissa Oettel was Nooksack Valley's lone placer, finishing in 11th and 12th in the 200 individual medley and 100 backstroke, respectively.


At Fidalgo Pool

200 medley relay: 1. Squalicum (Abby VonFeldt, Josephine Hegeberg, Savannah McGhee, Maddie Dohm,) 2:00.20; 3. Sehome (Nina Djukic, Hannah Holmgren, Shirley Lam, Sophie Grambo) 2:02.34; 6. Lynden (Sarah Hollander, Payton Vogt, Shelby Umbaugh, Jadyn Elias) 2:15.81; Bellingham (Maddie Gillman, Yvonne DuBois, Chloe Steinkamp, Anna Markova) DQ. 200 freestyle: 1. Gwen Roley (Sehome) 2:01.09; 2. Maddie Gillman (Bellingham) 2:01.92; 3. Sydney Wong (Squalicum) 2:02.14; 5. Shirley Lam (Sehome) 2:08.87; 6. Ellie Poehlman (Sehome) 2:10.72; 10. Ivana Witt (Squalicum) 2:16.73; 12. Ava Baumgarten (Sehome) 2:20.59. 200 individual medley: 2. Josephine Hegeberg (Squalicum) 2:23.60; 4. Shaye Fowler (Squalicum) 2:30.36; 5. Abby VonFeldt (Squalicum) 2:32.48; 6. Chloe Steinkamp (Bellingham) 2:34.76; 7. Kristina DeKoster (Squalicum) 2:35.87; 9. Anna McNabb (Bellingham) 2:39.04; 11. Arlissa Oettel (Nooksack Valley) 2:41.59; 50 freestyle: 1. Maddie Dohm (Squalicum) 27.01; 6. Sophie Grambo (Sehome) 27.86; 7. Janae Gallant (Squalicum) 28.06; 8. Miranda Blackburn (Sehome) 28.18; 10. Leah Day (Sehome) 28.26; 11. Ellie Kindlund (Bellingham) 28.30; 100 butterfly: 6. Savannah McGhee (Squalicum) 1:11.77; 7. Amanda Tapparo (Squalicum) 1:13.93; McKenna Sakamoto (Sehome) 1:14.57; Tara Brockett (Lynden) 1:14.92; 12. Madison Smith (Bellingham) 1:15.62; 100 freestyle: 1. Sydney Wong (Squalicum) 55.70; 3. Nina Djukic (Sehome) 59.36; 4. Hannah Holmgren (Sehome) 59.59; Megan Mundell (Sehome) 59.87; 8. Sophie Grambo (Sehome) 1:00.21; 11. Maddie Dohm (Squalicum) 1:01.50; 12. Chloe Steinkamp (Bellingham) 1:02.24; 500 freestyle: Maddie Gillman (Bellingham) 5:32.08; 2. Ellie Poehlman (Sehome) 5:59.80; 3. Anna McNabb (Bellingham) 6:04.91; 4. Ava Baumgarten (Sehome) 6:07-78; 5. Miranda Blackburn (Sehome) 6:10.97; 6. Kailee Richan (Sehome) 6:25.25; 7. Sage Ince (Bellingham) 6:26.30; 9. Sydney Terrell (Bellingham) 6:29.45; 12. Lanie Serres (Squalicum) 6:42.25; 200 freestyle relay: 1. Sehome (Gwen Roley, Sophie Grambo, Ellie Poehlman, Hannah Holmgren) 1:49.17; 4. Bellingham (Ellie Kindlund, Margo Lewis, Anna McNabb, Maddie Gillman) 1:51.40; 5. Sq ualicum (Janae Gallant, Kristina DeKoster, Amanda Tapparo, Maddie Dohm) 1:51.72; 6. Lynden (Sarah Hollander, Annie Uribe, Jadyn Elias, Shelby Umbaugh) 1:55.48; 100 backstroke: 1. Gwen Roley (Sehome) 1:02.02; 4. Abby VonFeldt (Squalicum) 1:06.11; 5. Shirley Lam (Sehome) 1:06.47; 6. Megan Mundell (Sehome) 1:06.49; 7. Sarah Hollander (Lynden) 1:07.30; 8. Nina Djukic (Sehome) 1:08.05; 9. Ivana Witt (Squalicum) 1:10.41; 12. Arlissa Oettel (Nooksack Valley) 1:11.61; 100 breaststroke: 1. Josephine Hegeberg (Squalicum) 1:10.64; 2. Hannah Holmgren (Sehome) 1:13.50; 3. Shaye Fowler (Squalicum) 1:15.28; 5. Yvonne DuBois (Bellingham) 1:17.02; 7. Lauren Avery (Sehome) 1:19.17; 8. Leah Day (Sehome) 1:19.33; 9. Sophia Stockburger (Sehome) 1:22.61; 12. Savannah McGhee (Squalicum) 1:26.55; 400 freestyle relay: 1. Sehome (Shirley Lam, Megan Mundell, Ellie Poehlman, Gwen Roley) 3:55.11; 3. Squalicum (Abby VonFeldt, Josephine Hegeberg, Kristina DeKoster, Sydney Wong) 3:58.46; 6. Bellingham (Anna McNabb, Margo Lewis, Chloe Steinkamp, Yvonne DuBois) 4:12.96; 7. Lynden (Annie Uribe, Jadyn Elias, Shelby Dewaard Shelby, Sarah Hollander) 4:20.45.

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