Supports single-payer system for health care


Contrast the current Affordable Care Act's computer glitches to when Medicare was launched in 1966. Using index cards, (no computers then), Medicare, enrolled over 20 million people in six months. It was a simple system based on Social Security records. You didn't have hundreds of different plans, thousands of different co-pays, restrictions and deductibles.

Complexity means endless opportunities for insurance companies to game the system with fine print, tricks, confusing pricing and lobbying to get out of requirements and standards through waivers. Complexity means ongoing confusion for consumers and patients who go into these exchanges.

Medicare has one single payer plan. Medicare for all is what we need to give everyone the choice they want - which is not a choice between insurance company A and insurance company B. Americans still want the choice of any doctor or hospital - what citizens get with traditional Medicare.

Over 40 years ago, Canada's single-payer system was enacted with a 13-page bill that covers everyone for about half of the U.S. cost per capita. The U.S. system is a waste-ridden, profiteering, corrupt medical-industrial complex that drives honest practitioners up the wall. The Canadian system produces better public health outcomes at a reduced cost.

Thomas Gilmore


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