Suggests buck stops with this generation


I believe there is a simple, but difficult solution for the ineffectiveness that is the hallmark of what passes for education in our public schools. This is a philosophy first uttered by Harry S. Truman, 33rd president of the United States, in four immortal words: "The buck stops here." I believe in his whole life he grew to embrace this idea: that we can't pass on to others, no matter who or what, the responsibility to handle as best we can what has been dumped in our laps. The rise to the presidency of this essentially humble man attests to his commitment and the success of this phlosophy as a way of life.

If the administrators, teachers and parents of this state not only subscribed to, but actually lived, this philosophy, their inculcation of it in their students would bear great weight with them, and they would start really applying this idea to their own lives. No more blaming the budget, the teacher, the bad background, the indifferent parent, the equipment, the weather, whatever. This is my task, and I must give it my all.

It takes determination and commitment to embrace this idea as a way of life. Have we the courage to do so? I hope so.

Randall N. Pratt


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