Supports increase of Bellingham police


On Oct. 7 the mayor of Bellingham proposed the budget for 2014. Included in that budget was the cost of hiring more police officers who will be assigned to community policing and crime prevention. Five days later, on Oct. 12, a riot broke out on Indian street and I would just like to point out the irony.

Wild teens and young adults wanted to continue "partying" and having a good night. They started throwing bottles, plates and furniture at the police officers because they wanted to continue having a good time? Seriously? I would say that the police force in Bellingham is pretty reasonable and they are normally very reasonable if they show up to a party. They always give warnings and allow for the people to disperse before calling in back up. For people to disobey authority is very childish and rude. This is a college town and the police know that there is partying, under-aged drinking and the use of illegal substances. But they also know that those type of things can get out of hand and they are trained to deal with such actions if they are presented.

With the mayor presenting the budget and including more police officers and this riot happening within days of each other, there will definitely be more police force patrolling the neighborhoods in the coming year. Also the police might not give a warning in the future too.

Anna McDonald


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