Offers ideas for industrial waterfront


More trains, boats, jobs, and salmon and less pollution! Why not?

I believe the only difference the Gateway Pacific Terminal will make is more weatlh for the U.S.

Whether via Tsawassen, Australia or any other coal port, ocean acidification will be no different. And, six years from now, coal out of Gateway likely will be down to zero anyway.

The fewer hulls in year-around slips, the less the pollution directly into our bay. And, I believe the way to do that is to follow the Port of Tacoma's lead and privatize all recreational marine business on our waterfront including a high-stack boatel on Cornwall Beach that expands in close couple with the disinterment of the capped landfill there via empty BNSF hopper cars headed south.

Jobs? As slip fees rise, sub-32 footers, mostly, will transition to the boatel and the fees from motor yacht, sailboat and visitior's moorages will have to cover wharfage expenses. But, Bellingham nearly instantaneously will become one of the most desireable places on the face of the earth to retire or work and live. Seven months to maintain citizenship and five months south during the winter with their boats high and dry will be extremely attractive for a whole lot of people.

Coincidentally, an eco-friendly farming and industrial corridor, Whatcom to Longview, can set to work filling empty containers back to China as "down and dirty" sheriff deputies ticket polluters and violators of fisheries habitats along the way.

Terry Montonye


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