Concerned about response to riot


I believe something is seriously wrong at Bellingham Police Department and the city prosecutors office regarding the recent "riot" in the Laural Park area. Based on Herald reporting, one could easily get the impression the police are on a mission of intimidation and retribution aimed at terrorizing the Bellingham general public. Did the initial contingent of police behave in a threatening manner such that they actually incited the riot? Who gave the go-ahead to use advanced crowd control weaponry on a party of both innocent and guilty people? This appears to me to be bad planning, unwise decision making, and lack of training at Bellingham Police Department. I have no love for troublemakers, but this whole affair appears to me more a little fishy -- is the department acting aggressively toward the general public an indication they are covering up problems they themselves have created? Considering the city response to the "riot" and seemingly waste of tax dollars pursuing non-criminals, I believe there should be a public investigation into the police actions, including the public review of dispatcher and police communications. Also, the Bellingham City Council should seriously consider putting a stop to what I believe to be the department intimidation tactics and any overtime associated with riot investigations. I bear no grievance against the department as all of officers I've ever encountered were polite, intelligent and forthright. Something is just not right here.

Gregory Brylski


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