Government aid hard to give up


In response to recent letters regarding the Tea Party, I would like to say that these individuals have some very legitimate points. They're concerned about the direction our country is headed and how common sense has gone out the window. Financially, we all need to live within our means and that includes our government institutions. Many states, including ours, require a balanced budget, as mandated by their state constitutions. As individuals, we know the consequences of spending more money than you have. Unfortunately, Congress has failed to heed this warning over the last several decades and everyone is to blame. In the process, we've created a myriad of social programs along with overspending in many other areas of our government. If we are to survive as a nation, the time has come to make some very difficult decisions and take some draconian steps to stop this runaway train. At the same time, history has shown that increasing taxes results in very negative consequences to our economy. In the process, I believe we have perpetuated an ever-increasing segment of our society to become dependent on the government to take care of them. Self-reliance and individual initiative has been replaced with a "cradle to grave mentality." Yes, we are a democracy, but sometimes the decisions of the majority can be short-sided and foolhardy. Alas, it is very hard to say no to Santa Claus.

Herbert G. Porter


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