Rave: Bellingham motorcycle cop came to motorist's rescue


I'd like to share something I witnessed by the Bellingham police that impressed me.

On Oct. 31, I was walking down Alabama toward Cornwall, close to Lee's drive-in, and saw that a truck had stalled in the right lane. Traffic was backed up in both lanes for several blocks as vehicles moved into the left lane to navigate around the stalled truck. I watched as a motorcycle officer pulled up behind the truck, dismounted, and spoke with the driver. He then told the driver to steer and got behind the truck and started pushing to clear the lane. I offered to help, and several other pedestrians approached, but the officer and the driver had reached the driveway to Lee's and cleared the lane by the time we arrived.

I was impressed that the officer didn't call a tow truck, didn't call for additional officers, and didn't ask for any help from passerbys - he just took it upon himself to start pushing the truck!

- Rush Duncan of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor

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