An interactive timeline for Alcoa Intalco Works


While the Intalco facility in Ferndale has been open for nearly 50 years, it’s been the last 12 years that have been the most difficult for the company and its employees. Here's a brief overview: Location: 4050 Mt. View Road, west of Ferndale.

Production: The facility produces aluminum metal either in billets (logs that are later transformed into a variety of products, such as bicycle frames) or foundry material for specialty products. The plant has three operational potlines, one of which had been idled in recent years.

Capacity: The smelter is capable of producing about 287,000 metric tons of aluminum metal per year. With two and a half potlines, the facility produces about 230,000 metric tons.

Employees: 604 people work at the facility. Before the energy crunch in 2000, the plant had about 1,100 employees when running at full capacity.

Economic Impact: $65 million in annual payroll dollars.

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Here's a timeline of major events for the facility (mouse over each event, then click on the arrow to see the next item):


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