Says health care plan hurts economy


When Barak Obama and the Democratic Party came into power, I as an independent was ready for change. The emphasis on a neglected domestic agenda versus a war footing was welcomed. However, as often happens when a single political party gains power, there is overreach. In my opinion, Obamacare was a hurried political agenda program meant to appease a base set of voters who just witnessed the bailout of some greedy Wallstreet "fat cats." I believe Obamacare is too big and complicated, is an administrative behemoth, and was ill-timed in the middle of a deep recession. Some can remember the Washington state experiment with governmental control of the health insurance industry, which had major unintended consequences. I predict that Obamacare will be a drag on the economy and in five years time will not resemble itself. Any remnants will, of course, be supported on the backs of the middle and upper-middle class taxpayers who are the 54 percent that actually pay federal income taxes.

Steve Westhoff


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