Unhappy with health care change


For years I have endured annual medical insurance increases of 15-27 percent with reduced coverage. As a healthy adult, I was looking forward to what our representatives in Washington promised as cost effective coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

Under "Obmacare," with the same provider, my annual premium has now increased 64 percent with a 50 percent higher deductible. I am also required by law to carry maternity and pediatric vision/dental insurance. As a male, it is medically impossible for me to become pregnant and with no children on my policy, pediatric coverage is useless. Was this the intent of Obamacare to make us pay for health coverage that we will never be able to use? Going through the Washington State Exchange with the same provider and plan, my rate went up 3 percent more. Other plans offered less coverage without cost effective savings.

When our president strong-armed Congress and the American people for the passage of the Affordable Care Act, we were told our rates would go down and the act had issues, but let's get it in place and fix the problems later. With our rates up sharply and appearing to only go down if you qualify for a subsidy, I believe the real cost of Obamacare is billions of dollars in tax subsidies and increased premiums. To date, the only significant change is a one year delay for businesses to provide the coverage. Is this what we signed on for? I don't think so.

John Nelson


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