Job seeker seeking responses


As a former small business owner here in Bellingham I am quite familiar with the time-honored employee search method: put out an ad, allow a body of responses to build, and pick out the ones which seem to stand out.

Never did I think about the large number of emails and resumes which did not get chosen. Who does?

Now, in another phase of my life, I am a recent college graduate sending out those same job requests. It has been weeks and easily 50 jobs applied for.

As there has not been any response whatsoever from even a single prospect, I have found the process stressful and frustrating, and find myself thinking of all the emails I deleted as a business owner.

How hard would it have been for me to send a standard email letting job seekers know the position had been filled? I never once gave it a thought as an owner.

Now I think quite a bit about all the others like me. How frustrating to not know if we should send off a follow-up email, or whether to reapply when the same job is posted again next week? Is there something missing from our resume and work experience, or are they just getting a body of applications together?

I don't expect this missive will change anything, but I hope that those with jobs to offer will take a second to think about the people behind those requests which are being sent to you.

Edward Eversoll


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