The real Rud Browne? Not so much

Posted by Ralph Schwartz on November 1, 2013 

Have you seen It's not what you'd expect.

We just came across the website today. It might be very new; the accompanying Facebook page is just four hours old as of now -- shortly before 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 1.

Upon arriving at, it's clear this is an anti-Browne page. It references negatively California billionaire Tom Steyer, who has funded Washington Conservation Voters, a state PAC running an independent campaign for Browne and other progressive Whatcom County Council candidates.

It also makes a claim that Browne wants more government/less jobs. In interviews with me, he was enthusiastic about attracting jobs and streamlining government.

Get to the very bottom of the page and a not-so-surprising line is found in very small print:

"Paid for by Knutzen for Council."

(That's County Council incumbent and Browne opponent Bill Knutzen, for the uninitiated.)

Chalk it up as the latest in a long line of negative campaigning in what has been a particularly ugly county election season. And you can chalk that up to the Gateway Pacific Terminal, which -- if built as proposed at Cherry Point -- would ship up to 48 million tons of coal per year to Asia.


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