Too many taxes for retiree couple


From two retired people on fixed income, being in retirement is taxing to say the least.

I just completed payment of our second-half taxes and took a moment to review the property tax statement. Wow! Soon Whatcom County auditors will need to add page two to the tax distribution schedule! I counted 19 allocations of our tax dollar! Curious as to what those are -- just pull out your latest tax statement.

Bellingham School District 501 has three active bonds collections and they now are asking for voter approval for yet another bond. I would be crazy to vote yes on this bond as well.

We planned our financial life to ensure all debts are paid prior to our retirement but those who believe in redistribution of wealth have other plans for us. Currently we are required to pay $333 monthly ($4,000 annually) on property tax alone just to have the privilege to stay debt free in our home.

Need I list all of the other taxes we have the privilege to pay? 8.7 percent sales tax comes to mind, fees to allow us to use Washington State Parks which we paid with our income tax dollars through federal fees, taxes on phones, taxes on internet, taxes on utilities, taxes on gasoline, taxes on cell phone statements. Where does it all end? And yes -- estate taxes even after we depart this world.

Chris Peterson


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