Worried about political future


Are we more assured of our freedoms, liberties, or rights anymore? Take a look at the erosion happening in our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. Tossing a blanket over the executive branch (Obama!) and majority of the legislative branch shows evidence that I am both stupid and an extremist. Poll after poll I believe suggests that most of the American millions oppose Obamacare. Seeing the majority view it as a wrong plan we must be stupid and the president and congressional majority are so much smarter than we. That suggests we all need to unite and rely on the judgment of our government in determing what's best for us. Not! If we just sit back and rely on their sage (sic) knowledge, we are in erosive trouble. Add our judical branch and some of their head-scratching decisions and future troubles keep arising. Recent days add more questionable decisions as they decide to put our nation in further debt and raise a debt ceiling that is way beyond our finite minds to even comprehend. Again, I have to presume they are so much smarter than we are, so no harm done. What are we becoming? I suppose I'm the fool for not getting in on the dinner train that our government provides. Maybe I need to sign up for more free stuff! Oh, don't forget to vote; it may be your last taste of personal freedom.

Dan Arola


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