Unhappy with misleading mailer


I was appalled when I saw the literature stating that four candidates for the County Council opposed the Gateway Pacific Terminal. Not because I don't agree, but because those were not their words. However, when I read the small print on those mailings I saw that no candidate had approved or sponsored the material.

I have heard Rud Browne, Barry Buchanan, Ken Mann and Carl Weimer speak many times, in small groups and large. I have never heard any of them make an opposing or supporting statement about the terminal. They have discussed their decision-making processes, which they would apply to the terminal, the jail, and other critically important issues. They pledged to adhere to the Whatcom County code 20.88.130 that states clearly how the council must make such decisions.

That is why I believe that Rud Browne, Barry Buchanan, Ken Mann and Carl Weimer are the four best candidates for County Council and urge you to support them also. Your ballots have arrived and if you have not yet turned them in, please mark them thoughtfully and return them promptly.

Ruth Higgins

Birch Bay

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