Ferndale woman wins car on 'The Price is Right'


FERNDALE - Jenna Kness, her new husband and about 20 others gathered at the Main Street Bar & Grill on Wednesday morning, Oct. 30, to join people across the country watching a highlight of their honeymoon.

While on her honeymoon in Los Angeles in July, the 32-year-old Ferndale woman attended a taping of "The Price is Right," which is one of her new husband's favorite shows.

B.J. Kness cheered as Jenna's name was called in the first half of the show, which aired Wednesday.

Jenna made host Drew Carey - and the audience - chuckle with her first bid: $10,000 on a home gym. Carey quipped he wished he belonged to Jenna's gym, with its diamond-encrusted equipment. The real price was under $2,000.

But Jenna won her way on stage a bit later with a successful high bid on a Spector bass guitar.

Jenna, who had never watched a full episode of the show, was all smiles and laughs. Those quickly turned to leaps and screams as her potential prize was revealed: a new car.

In outtakes not shown on TV, Jenna said the show's organizers had to explain the Money Game to her. Apparently she listens well.

In the game, contestants are given the middle number of the car's value. A board in front of them has nine pairs of numbers. Contestants must pick the proper two - the first two and last two numbers - that make up the car's price.

Jenna turned to the audience for her first pick: 21. Carey pulled the number to reveal the first half of the car underneath.

She had four more guesses to get the correct numbers for the last two digits in the car's price. She only needed one.

With the audience's help, Jenna picked 63 and won the blue Scion TC.

Jenna's luck continued: Two contestants before her went over $1 spinning the big wheel and were disqualified, making her an automatic entrant in the Showcase Showdown.

She passed the first showcase, featuring an African safari, to her opponent. Then she bid $38,000 on her showcase that featured a 11/2-carat diamond ring, a Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle and another car - a Hyundai Veloster.

She and her opponent each overbid and lost their showcases. But both had won cars earlier and stood proudly by them as the show's credits rolled.

Now that the show has aired, that car will be coming in a few weeks, just like a late wedding gift.

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