Backs I-522 for GMO food labels


What to make of genetically modified organisms in our food supply, and the Washington initiative to require their disclosure, I-522?

I believe GMOs allow a handful of chemical companies to profitably invent and patent life. The leading GMO purveyor, Monsanto, also brought us DDT and Agent Orange, reason enough for me to remain skeptical.

GMOs sound like gee-whiz stuff, until you contemplate that this involves bypassing the evolutionary process that has balanced life on Earth since the creation. Like the hubris of Icarus and the Tower of Babel, it seems unlikely to end well.

We are told GMOs are necessary to feed a planetary population approaching eight billion, a plan to make the globalized food system run even faster, a system dependent entirely on a continued supply of cheap and abundant oil.

With the price of oil increasing in real dollar terms each year and climate impacts likely to drive up the cost of inputs even further, this ultimately seems like a plan to run faster up a hill that's fast becoming steeper and muddier.

I would like to spend my food dollars promoting a local, permanent agriculture, and producers are more than happy to grow whatever food it is that consumers are willing to buy.

With that in mind, I'd like to know how to avoid buying GMO food. That's the point of I-522, which is why I'll be voting for it.

Will Honea


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