Concerned about spending for GMOs


I'm very disturbed by what I believe to be the one-sided monopoly of ads on the radio, TV and in the mail for no on I-522. This initiative is a grassroots effort with funding mostly coming from us, the consumers, and smaller business concerns. The yes side cannot hope to compete financially with the no side and its tens of millions of dollars being contributed by huge corporations that I believe are bent on keeping the folks ignorant of what is in our food. Thus, the public is not being well-educated on the real issues. The same old lies are being told and no doubt a lot of money has been paid to those who are publicly speaking out against genetically modified organism labeling.

With that said, the public needs to know what is in their food and how it got there. Why would we want to eat food that comes from seeds that have been genetically altered with pesticides and who knows what else? Why would we want to feed our children foods that have these components in them that are not readily eliminated from their bodies. If GMOs are so good, why is the opposition spending so much to defeat labeling? What don't they want us to know?

Connie Morrissey


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