Wants leaders with open minds


As a 40-plus year resident of Whatcom County, including 18 years as an elected and appointed public official, I have a couple comments on this year's election.

Jobs and environment: I'm always amazed at so many people's attitude today, as well as in the past; i.e. "take whatever job creator comes along" and "we can't be choosy regardless of the environmental impact." For some odd-ball reason many in our community have an inferiority complex and believe we can't demand the best. Over the years this mentality has continued to promote second-rate thinking. This needs to change. It's time to think progressively without blindly accepting poor choices. Remember Bellingham, you have a critical voice in this year's election. Choose wisely!

School bond: I recall the days, much to my chagrin, when school bonds were a dirty word and pride was taken in deferring capital improvements/maintenance. If you weren't a naysayer on money issues your tenure was questioned even as school board members. Now it's time to pay for the past neglect. Our children and community deserve better. Without an enjoyable place to learn and teach, our educators and students are raised to accept mediocrity. Let's give them a work environment to be proud of -- it will pay off in the long run! Consider the facts and look carefully at the voting pamphlet to decide who has the open mind.

Ken Hertz


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