Wants councilors who follow laws


As an American, I believe in the rule of law. When people break the law, they must be held responsible - otherwise our country and county will fail.

Whatcom County Council members take an oath to uphold the laws and constitutions of our state and country - all the laws, not just those a council member likes. Councilors who dishonor their oath of office by actively opposing state and federal laws do not deserve to be re-elected.

Kershner and Knutzen have repeatedly voted to prevent Whatcom County from obeying state land use laws. I believe they have disrespected their oath of office. Their political appointees on the planning commission, Luke and Elenbaas, also voted repeatedly to oppose state laws. By such scofflaw actions, I believe all four have disqualified themselves from elected office.

The rule of law is essential to civil society. Whatcom County citizens need and deserve to be represented by councilors who are persons of integrity who will deeply honor their oath of office -- not by scofflaws.

That's why I very strongly support Weimer, Buchanan, Browne and Mann for election to County Council this year. I urge all county citizens who still believe in America's commitment to the rule of law join me in voting for them.

Wynne Lee

Lummi Island

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