Backs Conservation Voters' candidates


Around election time, I pay particular attention to the news. In The Bellingham Herald, it was reported that coal companies and interests have thrown over 100,000 last-minute dollars into the Republican-endorsed candidates. I am not registered with either party as I like to research the best fit for the job. For the County Council races, let's be wise to pay attention to the backers and to the elephant in the room, the proposed coal export terminal at Cherry Point. When I see what is happening in China, with the smog issues recently, can we really think it is OK to choke out our neighbors? We are all connected and if we don't have clean air to breathe, then we don't have anything. The bigger question is can we really support the continued costs of burning coal to our human health along with our planet. Can we really say it is OK to have some new jobs that cost countless others? Not to mention protecting and respecting Lummi Nation burial grounds, once and for all. This election has been touted as one that will decide the fate of our future. Let's land on what I believe to be the right side of history and vote for the endorsed candidates of the Washington Conservation Voters, Carl Weimer, Ken Mann, Barry Buchanan, and Rud Browne, candidates not backed by coal money.

Jill MacIntyre Witt


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