Boating, fishing seminars help transition to winter


LFS Marine and Outdoor in Bellingham has scheduled a day of free seminars for Saturday, Nov. 2 that includes four talks of 1 to 1 1/2 hours by Northwest experts on topics ranging from winterizing your boat to the best winter salmon fishing locales and tactics.


Not going to brave our blustery, bone-chilling waters for blackmouth, Roger Schjelderup of Top to Bottom Marine leads off at 9 a.m. with the important and best ways to put your boat up for the winter with the expectation it'll be no worse for the off time and easy to ready for fishing next spring or summer.

Schjelderup, with more than 30 years experience with boats and Puget Sound boating, will talk about his checklist of necessary protective measures that apply to pleasure and fishing boats of all sizes.

At 10 a.m. Jeffery Smith of Northwest Navigation will literally wrap up the process of off-season weatherization techniques with a discussion and demonstration of the use of shrink wrap plastic for your pride and joy.

Smith will outline a variety of strategies for enshrouding boats in form-fitting plastic that will provide maximum protection while allowing for adequate ventilation, the handling of rain, wind and snow loads and even coming and going to do work during the off-months.

Seminar attendees will get a chance to work some temperature-sensitive plastic film with the heat torch as well.


Retired 20-year Navy veteran sonarman and ardent saltwater salmon fisher Steve Chamberlin, at 11:30 a.m., will talk about coaxing more clarity from the fuzzy picture on your fish finder.

Chamberlin, whose Navy Enlisted Classification marked him as a hunter, acoustically, of submarines, now regularly uses his cutting edge sonar knowledge and skills to detect the presence of fish to put a lure in front of.

His talk includes discussion of the range of fish-finder frequencies and their strengths and weaknesses together with importance of characteristics such as cone angle in revealing fish. For top-side read-outs, he'll review display settings and how to optimize overall performance of your salmon fishing craft's sonar.

For those interested in the highly technical signals characteristic and its processing known as CHIRP, Chamberlin will discuss its employment in fishing finding gear.


Topping off this instructional Saturday will be Captain Jay Field of Dash One Charters out of Anacortes whose pursuit of San Juan Island feeder chinook is second to none.

Field will talk about terminal tackle he finds most effective for blackmouth as well as those equally important presentation techniques.

The veteran salmon skipper also will share some hard won details about winter San Juan Islands salmon haunts including the most productive times in the tide cycle to ply these waters.


LFS Marine and Outdoor takes reservations for each of these presentations. Call 360 734-3336 or stop by the store on Coho Way and Roeder Avenue at Squalicum Harbor.

Besides these fall tutorials, LFS organizes a series of how-to talks and demonstrations focusing on shrimp, halibut and summer salmon fishing each spring, usually in mid to late April. That's about the time seasons in Puget Sound and northern inland waters open for these highly popular fish and shellfish.

Doug Huddle, the Bellingham Herald's outdoors correspondent, since 1983, has written a weekly fishing and hunting column that now appears Sundays. Read his blog and contact him at

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